WebQuest Collection

These are the WebQuests I have created over the years. They are here so I don't lose them. I will be adding WebQuests here as I create them and as I gather them from their various online homes. This site will also serve to document the changes I make to different WebQuests as I reuse them.

Will the real Thomas Merton please stand up?

  • This was the first WebQuest I ever created. Its audience was a group of seminary ESL students. I will probably never have the opportunity to use this WebQuest again, but it is my favorite. I think it is my best, too! It is certainly the most complete and complex.

Death Penalty Debate

  • This WebQuest was originally housed on a site that has lately been found to be malicious. I am glad I got it here before I had problems.

Music History WebQuest

  • This WebQuest was developed in 2009 for a group of ESL students.

Getting to Know ENMU

  • This WebQuest is still in development.
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